Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WTH Weds - Still No Air

So I called the a/c folks yesterday morning and they said they had parts on order for us (new compressor) but it would take 3-7 business days for it to come in and they would call and schedule with us as soon as the delivery came through.
There is no ETA.

This company is USHAC.
Do not use them.
You see that bit on the website where it says "24hr Emergency Services"? Yeah, when I asked them about that last week when we were trying like hell to get someone to come help us out before the Bomb.....the chick said, "Oh yeah, we don't have that. Sorry, we're completely booked. You're scheduled for Monday."
Later on that day, we rec'd confirmation that we actually had a Saturday appt scheduled.
One of the lead techs came out Saturday, Steve, and was a very nice fellow and most helpful - stopped to point out things, explained what he did, what needed to be done next, & answered our questions without making us feel like we were keeping him from being some where else.
Everyone else at the company has done nothing but cause frustration.
I've written a bad review for them on
It made me feel only a little better.

On the plus side, my skin has never felt better. Cold showers and sweating as much as I have the past week has really done wonders for my skins. Buffalo Bill would be proud.

Also - its nice to know so many of our friends have open doors for us.
We're choosing to tough it out in the evenings so far because it's good training for the zombie apocalypse when there will be no power. So, we'd have to be acclimated to it then anyway. This is just prepping us for that.
We've also had some nice storms roll through that have cooled things off so its been quite pleasant the past couple nights.
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