Thursday, August 25, 2011

TT - First class review

I didn't realize there were grown-ups that didn't know that yellow & blue make green. Or that red & blue make purple. Or that red & yellow make orange.
You turds all knew this, right? or should I just go ahead and consider and/or accept that my standards of general adult human intelligence is too high?? Yeah, probably the latter.
And of course there's always one in class that drags everyone else down. I spotted this chick straight away. She looks like a cupie doll but with an awesome asymmetrical hair style I was rockin' 2+ yrs ago before I got lazy with my hair. And apparently she owns a place in town called "Rich Hippie"...some boutique she says is very "colorful". I'll swing through in the next couple of days to scope the joint.
When we first started playing with black & white values....she was all "I hate grey."
Towards the end of the class with at least 40mins left, we were working on shading and tinting* and she was all, "the class is almost over. this doesn't make sense [why we're still working on stuff]. this won't be dry by the time we leave."
I addressed her last concern and she was somewhat quiet after that.
She was also the first to jet out the door.
This woman will be trouble for the class.
Next week, I will not be set up next to her.

At first I was worried about the class being full of old people but there's a pretty diverse mix of folks in there.
And one dude. His name is Donald.
And our teacher's name is Sally Evans. She's pretty cool. She said we could bring in wine & that the class has been known to be somewhat of a happy hour.
Next week, I'll bring wine.

I did learn how to keep my paints wet longer. Acrylics dry really fast which can be a little challenging depending on how big a piece you're working on. So, having them stay wet longer is a nice golden nugget of info I got to take away from last night. Also, kinda interested to play with glazing mediums, now that I know how/what they're used for.

Here's a picture of playing with black & white.
Did you know black & white make....gasp!...GREY!!?? *sigh*

Here's what it looks like when you mix colors only using primaries.
Did you know that red, yellow, and blue are primary colors!??! *facepalm*
*shading = adding black to a color
tinting = adding white to a color
you're welcome.
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