Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Bomb Highlights (that I can remember)

Breakfast of champions.
Early arrivals.
Balloons for the bounce house.
Worried about the costumes going on easily due to being sticky from no a/c.
A/C repair guy: "you're fucked. 3-7 biz days"
Testing the slide for quality assurance.
Testing the keg for quality assurance.
Getting dressed.
Taking pictures & LMAO with IronFist & Weezy Cage (aka Power[wo]Man)
Not being able to see through my mask.
Poison Ivy's eyebrows.
Ash's chainsaw.
Venom adjusting his cup.
Pool shots of washington apple dripping into my ear.
Orgasmic carrotcake balls.
Cool clouds/sky & threat of rain.
Butt spanks.
Jesus smoking & drinking.
Losing beer pong.
Wonder Woman in boottops & flipflops.
Black Widow.
Floating keg.
Catwoman doing the splits.
Spiderman with no batteries.
Toe shots of tequila.
Snoop chillin' at the pool with us.
Gag reflexes being tested by Bomb Pops.
Crotch grabs & cleavage pictures.
Cake shots in the kitchen while Catwoman was still doing splits.
Catwoman unmasking while doing the splits.
Finding Jesus behind the couch.
Cousin phone call.
Waking up in the bouncehouse at 3:30a.m. with the sprinklers on.
Waking Matt up to bring the inflatables' fans in.
Black Widow passed out on the couch infront of a fan.
Watermelon stabbed through with the big knife.
Changing into pjs & passing out in bed with 3 fans on.
Somewhere in there that I don't remember, was a laughter filled romp in the bounce house with Black Widow, a chat with Dr. Manhattan, and a demand for SAMMICHES!!
Morning After Finds:
1. 1 Jesus costume with hair and beard.
2. 1 flip flop
3. 1 pair of roxy flip flops.
4. 1 Batman shirt
5. 1 blackfist afro pick
6. 1 olive green & white striped towel
7. 1 set of platinum/diamond wedding bands
8. 1 Michael Kors watch
9. 1 red headband
10. 8 cigarette butts (in my flower pots)
11. 1 Green Lantern ring
12. 1 pair of fuzzy Catwoman gloves.
13. 2 Poison Ivy vines
14. 1 half drunk bottle of red zin.
15. 1 half drunk bottle of margarita mix.
16. a skinny boy's swim trunks
17. Aforementioned Spidermanties draped around the Rockband drumset
18. 1 pile of mayo in the grass
19. 1 7/11 lighter
20. 2 Dr. Shots syringes & one sippy bottle with 1/5 remaining washington apple.
21. 1 defiled bag of Doritos
22. 1 pool key missing it's key ring.
23. 1 busted industrial toilet seat used for redneck horseshoes
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