Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WTH Weds - Back To School

I've recently been bitten with the 'back to school' bug.
Everyone keeps posting pictures of their kids in their 1st Day outfits and the friends that are in college are posting "back to it" messages about fall semester.
Even just saying "fall" right now seems slightly off because you can still hear the summer bugs outside making noise.
But then again, saying "fall" means my favorite month is getting closer.
ANYWAY, with that in mind, and with a ton of ideas for art projects coming up, I thought it would be fun to take an acrylics class at this place.
I've never had a formal art class before.
6th grade was the last art class I can recall.
Last night was the mad dash for all the procrastinators buying up supplies before classes start this week. There were a ton of people in ArtSystems just before closing. The staff was getting pissy that folks kept coming in when they were trying to close. I was in and out of there within that 10 minutes.
I even got a student discount. That shit made me giggle & saved me about $3.
Then I went to Michaels and got all the rest of the stuff on my list that ArtSystems didn't have or didn't have time for me to buy.

So, here's a picture of my haul:

OK, OK....I'll admit, a couple of those colors & brushes I already had.
But this is most of what was on my materials list.
Plus, paper towels.
Plus, a water jar.
Plus, one of Matt's shirts to wear backwards.
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