Monday, August 15, 2011

Movie Monday - Trolls & Apes

You turds get 2 movies today.
You're welcome.

Friday night, we did dinner at Rangetsu where we ate udon & bacon wrapped things & drank ginger blossoms and then hit the midnight showing of

Norwegians+trolls=SUPER FUN!!
It was made in a mockumentary style - some kids with cameras follow around an old troll hunting vet who has a reinforced hunting vehicle and armored suits so he can use himself (and goats) as bait to control the troll population. The trolls have been a secret kept by aforementioned vet and the head of the Norwegian Park Rangers (or whatever he was called). They cover up all troll incidents by saying they're caused by bears. The kids with cameras are trying to expose the truth behind the cover ups.
Goats and one of the kids die. Trolls are smelly and like to eat rubber and apparently, the bigger they are, the older they are. They don't like light and turn to stone. They also don't like Christians.
This movie was pretty rad.
I give it 4 out of 5 rubber tires.

Then last night, we went to this place and saw
I gotta admit, I wasn't jumping up and down to see this one.
C'mon. Its apes.
But James Franco is in it, it got a fresh tomato, & Matthew wanted to see it, so we went.
The beginning is just as you'd expect. Scientists doing testing on chimps they've pillaged from their homelands, testing goes awry, chimps die, science funding gets pulled.
James Franco is the main scientist who is working on a cure for Alzheimer's, which his father (John Lithgow) suffers from.
His prize, most developed chimp (the one that went awry) has a baby while being housed in the lab. No one has the balls to put it down like they did the rest of the lab chimps, so James Franco takes it home & studies it there, discovering the testing they'd done on it's mother was passed down genetically.
James Franco, John Lithgow, and the chimp, now called Caesar, bond and they're all a happy family until an asshole neighbor effs things up for everyone.
Caesar gets taken away and thrown into an animal control facility (or the Chimp Projects).
And this is where everything gets good.
Remember this guy? The guy who played him, does a fuckin' phenomenal job as Caesar.
I won't give away anymore story here. Go check it out for yourself.
I went in not too excited about it and ended up really diggin' it.
I give it 4 out of 5 chocolate chip cookies.

If you turds are lucky....maybe there will be a bonus later today.

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