Sunday, June 6, 2010

Over the Next Week,

I'll be sharing with you the stuff I wrote down while we were on our trip.
I did a lot of writing. An actual pen to paper kind of writing.
It felt good. Back to my roots - my days of journal writing when I used to keep up with it.

I think back in those days it had more to do with restlessness, insecurity, and, at times, working things out for myself during phases of general unhappiness.

This time around, for this trip, it was all about remembering details.

There are parts that are disjointed - quick little notes....some written while intoxicated so I could go back and flesh out the details the next day when I may or may not have been fuzzy headed.

If it doesn't make sense while you're reading it...give it a day and it'll all work itself out.
I'll even try to match up some pictures with it so it'll be like a kids book.
Gather 'round children!!...It'll be like friggin' story hour!!

Pictures are in progress...I've posted some on facebook and am currently working on an album on Picasa. Link to follow soon.

Although words and pictures do the city no justice, I hope that YOU find my sharing somewhat entertaining/useful/inspiring and that it lights a fire under your ass to go and explore this fuckin' awesome world we live on.
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