Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meatbeef & Bananas - 5.28.10

There ain't no party like a meatbeef party cuz a meatbeef party don't stop.

This is the first morning all week that I've woken up w/a fuzzy head.
Matt went to the shop outside & picked up some ciabatta bread & beer to go w/our leftover brie.
Its the breakfast of champions.
Champions who totally watched a banana being eaten out of a hooha last night.

Those Baba brownies were fuckin' good!
Dick was all like, "You guys are all mellow and cool...."
I had to remind him that our tolerance level was way higher than his & Miss Pussy's.
Although, me & Miss Pussy did have a HUGE case of uncontrollable giggles....

I cried at one point cuz I was laughin' so much when that chick did the marker thing.
Between each funny banana/marker/headdong trick...they'd do hot (and not so) couples just all out fuckin'.
Impressive positions.
Some we're STILL tryin' to figure out so we can try them at home.
...Or later this afternoon.
Dick said we could MST3K the show.
I told him that we all could open our own show & do whatever the fuck we wanted.
Miss Pussy would be a good dancing girl.
After a chair or pole dance class, we'd be set!

They [Dick & Miss Pussy] had to get up early this a.m. for a train going to Belgium.
Hope they made it ok.

Trying to figure out what to do today.
What do we need to see on our last whole day here?
I kinda want a pair of boots & some leggings. Like everyone else is wearing.

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