Thursday, June 24, 2010

Murphy's Catchup - 5.29.10

Sitting here at Murphy's airport bar.
Matt's getting us a pitcher.
We were just remembering some key points from Baba brownie night.

I think we were still at Durty Nelly's.
We drank a couple of baby Guinness shots. They were cute.

At one point, Miss Pussy said, "You guys like disgusting stuff."
But I don't remember what it was we were talking about that made her vocalize such an observation.

When we first walked into Casa Rosso, Dick was in front of me, and I had everyone else behind me. Dick sees what's happening on the stage and just stops...paralyzed and cloggin' up traffic. I bet his mouth was open too.
So I jumped out past him and grabbed the seats in the last row.
On stage, the guy gettin' it on was high fiving an audience member as the rotating bed spun 'round.
Later on, Dick would lobby for sitting up closer to the stage, but Matt kept saying, "no" and not because he didn't wanna see better, but because he didn't want anyone behind him.
The MC was all like, "Participate, don't masturbate!" That dude was funny.
Miss Pussy & I received lollicocks on the way in.
At one point, Miss Pussy says, "I thought it would be soft & sensual.".....after a beefy dude and his sleek chick were going at it and she was getting pounded. Audibly. They looked like they didn't wanna stop when the show ended.
There was a fat(ish) dude wearing a white mesh shirt. Not flattering at all.
I told Matt that that dude probably used to be really skinny and a raver and is hangin' on to his glory days.
When the black couple came out, I yelled, "YEAH!" real loud.
The beginning of their show started off with a little cunnilingus and the bed wasn't spinning, so I was like, "The bed's not spinning. Is that supposed to happen?" (not real loud). His woman was movin' her feet to the beat while he was goin' to town down souf. They did some cool tricks. Like dance fuckin' with fancy footwork and stuff. Towards the end, the dude looked up at the MC like he was tired and needed the music to end.
At the end of the night, when we got back to the hotel, the boys were saying good-byes and Miss Pussy says, "Lick his face. We should do animal good-byes"(1). So I started meowing and got on all fours to rub up against Dick's legs and to where Miss Pussy had fallen down with laughter & said an animal good-bye to her too.
Don't think there was any face licking.
Miss Pussy better watch out the next time we hang.

I totally want to learn Dutch now.
I still remember all the stuff I learned listening to those Pimsleur French cd's (only got through the first one).

Stag party just walked in with Lays logo shirts on that say, "Stag Do Amsterdam 2010". They're cracking me up. Would be so cool to live close enough to do a stag night in AMS.

I really wanna come back here. I feel like this was our dry run. Just getting used to the city & where everything is. The next trip, we can actually sit back and REALLY take it all in. Talk to more locals & meet more people. I was so into the map & walking to places we wanted to see and looking at everything, it feels like I missed talking to folks & missed getting good footage.

We did the Dungeon yesterday. That was fun. They did a really good job at keeping you nervous & on the lookout the whole time. I got called out & executed for being a witch. It was all Spanish Inquisition type crap mixed with black plague(2) type shit.

Sitting on the plane to JFK with 3 hrs remaining and wrapping up "Crazy Heart".(3)

Watching Before Sunset now.
Have no idea how much time we have left. For some reason the remaining time clock set itself to 12hrs & someshit.
This movie and the 1st one, Before Sunrise, make me think. And write.
And I want to go to Paris.
So now I'm planning, Mexico in August, England in March, and now Paris.
I think an addiction to travel books is in my future. (4)

Note to self: Look up magic/mystery quote by Einstein.(5)

I wonder what a handwriting expert would say about how mine changes from day to day.

I wish I lived in a more urban city. I think I need urban in my life. More walking. More noise. More mass transit.

It appears there are 2hrs 20mins left.

The lady sitting between us (Matt's on one aisle, I'm on the other) asked if we were supposed to have been sitting together.
I shook my head "no" and told her we were taking a break.
She made a face and went back to laughing at some Robin Williams stand-up thing.


Under 2 hrs left and just threw on "Dial M for Murder".

On the earlier flight, we were sitting next to Donnie Edwards: NFL linebacker for KC Chiefs & SD Chargers. "Retired" now. He was flying to AMS for the day to buy a bike then meeting his wife back in London, where they've been for a month. He said they were going to Green Lake for a family reunion so Matt got all chummy over the phone with Donnie's wife when we landed & Donnie called her to say he was back (on time).

Note to self: Look up AMS iron-on patch for my luggage. Sew on that stupid Alaska patch that I thought was an iron-on.

I hate when the a/c goes off on an airplane. Fuckin' hotbox. bleh.

Only 1hr left.

Why are my socks constantly falling down?

The a/c just kicked back on.
They must've seen me writing this.

Dude's knees are supporting my lumbar. I ain't even mad.

How does that always happen? I get sleepy at the friggin' END of a friggin' flight.

Now we get 8hrs at JFK until our flight to MIA in the a.m. followed by our final flight home.
I wonder if we can change our flight to one sooner.
Probably not since we have to go through baggage claim.
So not looking forward to this part.
And now its hot in here again!
Maybe its not the a/c. Maybe its stupid motherfuckin' PMS.


(1) WTF? Maybe because of the live animal sex jokes we were making?? idk. That shit was funny.
(2) Bonus points for you if you can see why this clip is even funnier.
(3) Pretty much "The Wrestler" but with a country singer.
(4) The Lonely Planet city guide was fantastic!!
(5) I'm not 100% sure, but it might be this one?? "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science." I'll hafta watch "Before Sunset" again to be sure.
(6) Left a blocked off chunk of paper that reads: "You can never replace anyone because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details." - Julie Delpy, Before Sunset.
Man, I was really payin' attention to that movie. Love Linklater. Now I want a Linklater collection.
(7) Definitely PMS.
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