Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hell's Angel & Poe - 5.25.2010

Dick & Miss Pussy have butt issues from Morocco.
Apparently, so did one of the Hell's Angels that crossed a canal with us, while walking through the RLD, who waited until he was next to Dick before farting.
One of them said, "Ha! Nice...keepin' it romantic."

Did the Rijksmuseum. That was boring.
This was my favorite piece.
The museum made me sleepy. One can look at paintings of fat white men for only so long.
There were 2 big badass dollhouses. Those were cool.

We stopped in a market for beer & they had these beef roll-up things that Gram used to make.
I'm so friggin' to the German.

Stopped for food after at an Irish joint & a dude nodded at Matt's Hunter S. Thompson shirt. He said that Poe was his favorite, so I pointed out my Poe button on my hat and he made a sad puppy dog face, "I want one...." so I ended up giving him mine. He said it made his year.His name is Lee Williams and he told us he writes short stories and is talking to a "bloke" film maker from America. We swapped email addresses.(1)

We walked through the RLD & had sammiches & Hoegarden.
Then stopped at Jolly Joker for space muffins & White Widow.
Got the greatest cup o'koffie EVAR!!

Back at the hotel now to let Dick handle his bowels.
On our walk back to the hotel this afternoon we signed up for a canal cruise where you can bring all your own shit. We just went through a checklist.

HA! We're totally sitting in our room eating KFC & drinking beer.
(shut up, I know it's a repeat picture)

OH!! I forgot - while we were sitting in Jolly Joker, Dick leans over to Miss Pussy & says, "Well, should we go pick up some hookers?"
(1) He's since sent me a couple of his stories. Hit me up if you'd like to read his stuff.
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