Monday, June 7, 2010

On the Airplane - 5.21.2010

Written during the flight from Orlando to Gatwick.
HA HA HA On our way to AMS & was looking for a pen in my bag but only found 2 red pens (for when I'm reading Kim Harrison and Rhiannon Frater books) before finally finding a blue one. Oh! And a sharpie. I didn't even know I had red pens.
British Airways kicks ass!!
In flight movie selection is everything we would've been watching on our laptops sucking up battery power. Starting with Blind Side since I've started that one previously and never finished it. Maybe Lovely Bones or Single Man next.
Matt has declared that he's going to get his 1st tattoo in AMS.
Just finished the in flight dinner. The vodka & red wine were FREE!!
Totally makes up for the shit mango thing cheesecake whatever the fuck that was.
I've never been so happy on a flight before.
Lou Holz's lateral lisp cracks me up.
Lovely Bones is next.
Blind Side was good. Gave me warm fuzzies. YAY White People Saving The Day!!
We need more drinks. So far, since dinner, they've only brought the Duty (doodie) Free carts around. No, I don't need a watch or perfume. I need more vodka.
5.5 hrs left.
Matt & I have considered joining the mile high club.
3 hrs left.
Matt's sleeping.
I watched the Lovely Bones. meh. Was OK. The music was good. I loved the book when I read it. Seems like the movie lost something that the book had. Maybe cuz of Marky Mark's "say hi to your mother for me" voice.
Tried to nap to some new age music but it wasn't working.
So now I'm watching Top Gear. Its the Bolivia special.
Matt's so cute. Napping while Alien is playing on his tv thing.
Just like at home.
Less than 2 hrs left.
Finished Top Gear & now watching Single Man.
Matt's awake & watching some russian flick.
I'm thirsty. That Bolivia episode when they're driving through the desert made my mouth all dry. Probably more likely that its the cabin air.
45 mins left.
My butt hurts.
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