Thursday, June 17, 2010

We Interrupt This Programming with an Important Broadcast Message

The other day, I saw the greatest 3 images that I wish I'd had a camera for.

(1) 3 dudes at the bar at Applebees. Brothahs that shoulda been wearin' bowties.
Like this.
One of them was wearing a turquoise ring. They all had kinda the same length hair. Like what my BFF Cedric had back in 7th grade....that 3/4 - 1 inch growth. Like...if the Cesar cut was a bitty afro.

(2) Pulling up to the building, I looked upon what was a rather plump white fellow with a biker mustache. Blond.
Probably like 325-350lbs. Hiking up his trousers while holding his clipboard & talking to another fellow.....
I wish it had been in slow motion.

(3) As I was walking around the dumpster towards the smoker's area, there, at the picnic table, sat the most tired looking man I've ever seen. He had a huge bulbous bare beer belly, his shirt unbuttoned, with a "whew, I need to sit down and rest" look on his face.
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