Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Canal & VanGogh - 5.27.2010

Yesterday, Matt & I were wandering in the same area we're sitting in right now - at a place called Pancakes!
We ate one yesterday too...pancake, that is.
When we stopped for Jager shots, we ate a Canadian pancake.Just saw a black woman with a hightop fade walk by.
But back to yesterday....

Matt & I wandered through here after eating muffins & drinkin' coffee in Dam Square. Aimlessly really.Then down to Leidseplein where we were looking for Eyders? brown bar.
Couldn't find that spot, but stopped at a place where we got stuck in the doors. Matt ate raw oxtail - I had brie & cucumber.Went to Rockerij for some Laughing Buddha and then headed over to Boom Chicago to meet up with Dick & Miss Pussy for the boat trip.
The men hunted & gathered up some meatbeef & cheese & brew. The boat driver met us & got pissed off when a girl asked if he was the "tour guide". He was from Chicago. The 3 girls that were with us were from the same area. And then us.
Canal trip was GREAT! Saw some really cool bldgs & churches.

(All the dogs here still have their big bouncing balls.)

The canal water is poo water. That's why there's so much green lining everything close to them.
After the boat trip, we stopped for those Jager shots & pancakes.After that, we went back to the hotel to reload.
OH WAIT!! No we didn't!! I forgot - we took Dick & Miss Pussy over to Rockerij for some Xmas Pollen and Jack Herrer! HA!! Hung out there and had juice.THEN we went back to the hotel to reload.
Then we took them over to Greenhouse. Ate there & stuff.
It was freakin' fantastic.

They gave us some shit about leaving to go have sex, so we left to go have sex. BDAY NOOKIE!!
I think Dick & Miss Pussy headed over to the RLD to pick up a hooker.
Or watch donkey sex.

We're thinking of going to Casa Rosso tonight.

Started with Pancakes! and now (after lots of walking and the Van Gogh) we're at Pancake Corner. 3rd time we've been here. They have 10 shots of Jager for 10euro.
That's the main reason. OH! And you can get pitchers. Very American style.
Anyway - Van Gogh was super cool.
I really like his earlier stuff. Around the Potato Eaters time.
I don't like pointilism much - I find it annoying. So that time frame doesn't appeal to me as much but I can appreciate the evolution of his personal style & technique. Love the way he shapes eyes & faces - body proportion. Almost animation/comic book style. Then he went and got all dottie with points & lines & strokes.
Then he went crazy & shot himself & died 2 days later with his brother beside him....So atleast he had that going for him.
Currently waiting for Dick & Miss Pussy to get done with their city bike tour.
HA! - Just remembered that after the flower market today, we stopped for a pint of Strongbow at a place called BALLS!The flower market was really pretty.(1)
You can get black tulips.
The colors are amazing. (2)
Little cacti in neon colors. (3)

Casa Rosso was AMAZING!!
Seriously, I've never been so happy in my entire life as when a woman wrote "SEXY BABY" on a man's chest in magic marker using her vagina.
Brownies at Baba.
Drinks & shots @ Durty Nelly's.
(1) Unfortunately, blogger is being picky about what pictures I can upload but I can't figure out why right now.
(2) I believe this has to do with the poopoo water in the canals. Its good for plants.
(3) See note #1
(4) This was a drunken note I left myself after the show, right when we got back to the room.
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