Thursday, June 10, 2010

BK & Falafel then Waffle - 5.24.2010

Today's Monday, right?
That bar last night kicked ass.
After it closed, we wandered around and got BK. (1)
It was the BEST BK Bing King EVAR!! I told Matt last night after the first few bites, that at home, we get shit for BK...but, I totally get it.

Dick & Miss Pussy should be here now. I tried to wait up for them. Crashed around 3a.m.
Matt's still sleeping. When he gets up, I'll try to get a hold of them.

We put a bunch of music on a bitty drive to give to the bartender from Blarney Stone. So we'll be going back over there again today at some point.

Awfuck...Dick & Miss Pussy aren't coming in until TONIGHT....not last night.
I'm a dumbass.

Now we're sitting upstairs at Old Church like Bebb told us to. Jack Herrer. Matt did a fine job with the ghetto bill roll.

A little while ago I saw a pregger walkin' with a buddy and the buddy kicked a pigeon.

They have public urinals & the signs for directing you towards them has a little dude with a pee stream. BEST SIGN EVAR!!
Now we're sitting next door to the Banana show.
We saw a place that had a "Live Animal Sex!" show (among other varieties of sex shows)....but......animal.....? My first thought was "what kind of animal?"(2)
We're eating at some shaved meat kebab place & the dude up sold us on some meat platter.(3)
DAMN that shit was good.
While we were eating, I confessed that I'd probably be chickening out of going to see a sex show. I think it was cuz we came down here and saw it all during the day.
We'll come back at night.

We have the best view & people watching from our balcony.
Just saw a guy with dreads ride by on his bike while playing air drums.
Watched a pigeon cross the road on foot. It looked both ways.
I've seen lots of pantyhose on chicks. Usually a dark color. And SO many leggings. Shiny ones with ankle boots.
Guess what Matt's doing....
At the Greenhouse now. They have a koi pond in the floor.
We picked a "creative" flavor this time. Priciest one we've picked up so far. Called A-Ultra or something. Matt's skills have come back all the way. Its like riding a bike.
Got some peach ass nectar juice. Herb & juice - 2 great tastes that taste great together.
We should bring Dick & Miss Pussy here for lunch tomorrow.
I told Matt to look out the window he's sitting next to, which looks out onto the floor below.
He describes a thick black woman with long hair and a tall white dude. They're dancing and she's feeding him a danish or something & then making out and they're taking turns sucking down vaporized bags.(4)

We had a drink over at Trinity - same place we stopped at for a cider on our first day.
Sat on the side of the canal and watched people.

Now we're gonna go find an alley and look for late night munchies.

Dick & Miss Pussy will be here around 4a.m.

We ate a KICKASS falafel sammich & stopped for chocolate waffles. Chocolate waffles fuckin' rule.----------------------------------------------
(1) The only joints open late at night are american fast food places. At the BK there was this sleepy ass bastard. We kept seeing him the rest of the week...wondering around aimlessly & draggin' his luggage. Wonder what his story was. Should've stopped to ask.(2) The 2nd thought being, is it, 2 goats gettin' busy on stage? Or actual interspecies? Later, Dick would ponder, "How do they get the animal to do it on demand??"
Across the street from that place we saw this sign in the window of a store: (3) The dude came up and we placed an order with him one at a time and then he told both of us, "No, I make this for you", pointed at a picture, took our menus and left. Why don't you go ahead and bring us whatever you want to, there, buddy. Nevermind our order. That shit was really f'n good. With garlic sauce....MMMM!! I ain't mad at him.
(4) A few minutes later, Matt offered to switch seats so I could watch the minishow. I wrote some crap down in his book. That little upside down bottle lookin' thing was supposed to be a vapo-bag. The circle up top is a euro I traced around. We ended up bringin' 3 of those suckers home cuz I'm horrible at math.
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