Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Crockpot Crap and some other Crap

My cousin, Deb, asked me to share a recipe since I'd posted something about how good my house smells due to our crockpot left to do its thing overnight.
I love crockpots.

Here's what was in it:
4 chicken breasts.
1 chourico sausage.
I cooked up my meats and set them aside to hang out.
Then cut up the sausage into small bits.

Then I threw a bunch of veggies into the skillet.
One red pepper, one green pepper, one onion, one jalapeno, a bunch of cilantro, 2 tomatoes, shrooms, a bunch of garlic, lime juice, and a bit of salt.

Cook that mess til it looks like this:

Turn on your crockpot to a high setting. And throw some spices in with more lime juice. I used Adobo, Tony's, Everglades, Tobasco...and I think that's it.
OH! I did throw in a couple of shakes of Worcestershire sauce.
Then I thew my meats in.
Then I threw the veggies in with some chicken broth and left the pot on High for an hour or 2.
Before going to bed, I set it on low.
When we woke up, it looked like this.

This turned out better than the last batch I made. That one was different.
I'm sure the next batch will be different, too.
And more than likely, even better.
I'll let you know when it becomes a perfect recipe.
We will rejoice.
In other news, there are 2 days left of what I wrote while in Amsterdam.
So, there's that.

These next 2 weeks are Hell Weeks for corporate america sales groups, so I'll do my best to get them done for your reading enjoyment, when I'm not stressed out by my day job.

...But whatever, we both know you'll read what ever I put out here and like it, dammit.
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