Sunday, January 31, 2010

Midget Wrestling

This was "the weed smokin', whiskey drinkin', shit talkin'" Short Dawg. He was a badass.

The next to last (wearing grey sweatpants) is Hercules - he came out wearing a roman helmut.

And under him is J-Amazing - he liked to dance.

I only remember Short Dawg's name because of his intro, Hercules because he came out wearing a roman helmut (heh), and J-Amazing because I wanted to put him in my pocket. You would think I'd remember what Black Spandex Dynamite's name was, but I really don't and can't find it on the website. It was Ray-something, I think. There was definitely no 'zazz' workin' for his image other than the spandex. The other white dude, I don't remember atleast I'm an equal opportunity forgetter.

I think Short Dawg won but don't remember anyone really keeping count. There was a trash can lid to the noggin at one point. That was cool. And a couple of 'em hit the floor outside the ring and just kept going. But we couldn't see them at all then.

Cuz they're small.

They should invest in clear turnbuckles and ropes so you can see more of the action with minimal view obstructions.
Plus, it would look like midgets wrestling in the future.
I mean, MICROS wrestling in the future.

In all seriousness, I can't even imagine being a midget and having people talk to you like you're a child or putting yourself out there to capitalize on your small stature and how annoying it would be to deal with a bunch of drunk frat boys who hired you for a party.
But its a paycheck....just for being you.

I wish I had a micro friend.

Do any of you know a mini??
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