Friday, January 1, 2010

The Magical 40

Everyone always has "losing weight" as a resolution for the new year, right? And you know I have a trainer. Both Matt & I have been going to the local Gold's for the last 5 years. And before that, the World's on the other side of town.
We both have yo-yo'ed various body shapes and weight pretty much all our lives.
Skinny, chubby, fat, chubby, skinny, fat, chubby
Its a funny thing to be a yo-yo-er.
You notice how differently you're treated by random people.

My junior/senior years, I went from chubby to skinny after deciding to walk on the treadmill everyday for an hour while watching Oprah, cut out mayo, and drink fruit and veggie juices.
I noticed more people at school and work talked to me when I was skinny. Not just guys - everyone....even teachers.
Then, in my early 20s I got fat. And depressed. Only a couple of guys noticed me then. I remember this one guy saying that I was bigger than he'd imagined when we'd been set up to meet. When I started at the company where I work now, not too many people spoke to me there either. Just my boss and the people around my desk. It was a big building.
So, I decided to change my shape. In my old journal there's an entry that says something about wanting to be a hardbody and joining a gym.
So I did. At a World's Gym that was women only and I had a trainer who was in fitness & body building competitions. She trained me for about 3 weeks or whatever the free training special was at the time of signing up. I lost about 40lbs in about a year, year & a half. I remember going to Walmart (back when I used to shop there) and this woman walked up to me and said, "You're so lucky to be so skinny."
Huh? This shit ain't LUCK, believe me.....but thank you, I guess, strange lady.
Man Alive! (hahaha) did I start making a lot of friends at work! And way more flirtatious attention from guys. These same guys I'd already been working with for the past 1.5 yrs.
One of them I married later on.
This other guy, I used to joke with because he saw me all the time when I was fat and never spoke to me even though I'd said, "Hey" passing in the hall or at the cafeteria. He started talking to me (couldn't get him to shut up) when I got skinny, we hung out and had drinks and he'd tell me about crazy girlfriends and stuff and then it tapered off again. Coincidentally at that same time, I'd also gained about 15lbs. So, I'd message him and give him shit like, " I know I'm fat. I haven't heard from you in a while."
I gained more weight. We haven't spoken since.

Matthew recently has lost about 40lbs. He said he's surprised about how many random folks at the gym are talking to him now. Like I said, we've been working out there for about 5 yrs now. With most of the same folks.
I told him it was the magical 40lbs.

If any of you lose 40lbs, I guarantee you'll notice it too.
When I lose this 40 (maybe just 30) this year, you can bet your sweet sugary ass, I'll be taking notes.
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