Friday, January 15, 2010

Rubber Gloves

It always makes me laugh when I see people in shows or movies wearing rubber gloves so they don't touch nastiness but then they go and touch their face or scratch their heads while talking about how gross the mess is which is the reason they're wearing the gloves in the first place.

Like, while watching Hoarders on A&E - they'll suit up to shovel shit out of a house, and while they're cleaning, they're talking about the freak who accumulated the mess, and they have one hand on their hip and the other on their forehead.

And while watching Sunshine Cleaning (great flick), there's a scene where Emily Blunt is wearing her gloves and picking through a dead lady's trash and then touches her face.


When I was in 11th grade Anatomy class, we dissected fetal pigs and everyone wore rubber gloves except me. I washed my hands afterwards.
But I didn't touch my face during.
And I totally got an A+ that day.

What was the last thing you wore rubber gloves for?
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