Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahem...That Would Be Why It's RATED R!!

Matt sent me this earlier and for the life of me, I can never figure out WHY there's so much controversy surrounding Rated R movies with kids in them. (and yes, I will fill this with "fuck" because its fuckin' fun)

1. The movie, KICK ASS, is Rated R for a reason. If you see an R rating, that's usually your fuckin' clue that it isn't exactly an event to plan a fuckin' family fun night around so you can pack up the minivan and drive the kids to McDonalds or Chucky Cheese before hitting the movie theater.

2. Yes, there's a kid in it who says, "cunt". Personally, "cunt" is one of my favorite words, so it never offends me to hear it. It feels so good to say. Maybe its my German roots. "Fuck" is right up there with it. And to hear a kid say either just makes me like the kid more. If that child-actor's parents were offended and didn't want their kid using such language, then the kid wouldn't be in the fuckin' movie to begin with. Kids don't fuckin' care - words are just words.....until adults get offended, say they're bad words, and correct them with either a mouthfull of soap or a time out (since slapping/beating/belting is no longer allowed - which is also crap but I'll save that for another post).

3. Yes, the kid in there also kicks a LOT of ass and in a very stylish way. I would think this would be something you might want your kid to see so they won't get their own weenie little asses kicked out on the playground at recess. There are a lot of parents out there that buy their kids Call of Duty/Modern Warfare or GTA and they overlook the game rating and get offended after seeing their kids play the shit out of it. These must be the same parents that get offended about movies like KICK ASS. That makes no sense. The other part that makes no sense is that these parents are people MY age....
Also, I don't recall any controversy surrounding Role Models and there are kids in that saying "fuck" and "shit" and talking about boobies. Where was the outrage for that one?

Solution: If you're that fuckin' offended just from seeing the fuckin' trailer, don't take your fuckin' family to see the fuckin' movie.

See? Solved. And everybody's happy.

What's YOUR favorite "bad word"?
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