Saturday, January 30, 2010

America is a Melting Pot

But you'd never guess that from this picture (from the State of the Union the other night).

Front Row: 2nd dude in is thinkin' about that sweet intern ass he got last night. Dude next to him had ribs for dinner.
2nd Row: 1st dude in is practicing his People's Eyebrow. Dude next to him is shifting on his hemorrhoid pillow.
3rd Row: 1st dude is wondering if anyone's noticed that he's not wearing a dark suit and is silently patting himself on the back for being unique. The Ginger dude in the middle has a soul. Last dude on the right is twittering.
4th Row: 2nd dude in is shielding his eyes because of the glare coming off all the whiteness around him. The dude next to him is trying to fart quietly.
If you have any white dude captions to add, post it!!
Bonus points if you include the dude's name.

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