Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things To Do Before You Croak

I've always had a list of Things To Do Before I Die.
Middle school was the earliest I can remember having it but I've never written it down on paper or any other medium.
Lately, I hear old(er) folks call it a "Bucket List" because of that dumb Jack/Morgan movie.
There's a show coming up this month on Mtv called The Buried Life based on something similar and it looks pretty badass so that emmineffer is gettin' thrown onto the dvr, fo sho'.

Here's my list from what I can remember over the years (as well as recently):
  1. SCUBA certification
  2. Write/Publish a book
  3. Live somewhere other than Florida
  4. Travel the world
  5. Swim with great whites in barrier reef
  6. Go sky-diving
  7. Be on TV - done (when I was a kid, we went to Universal when they taped a Nickelodeon show and I was in the audience)
  8. Have a painting in a gallery/art show
  9. Own my own biz being generally creative
I'll add more as I remember/think of stuff.

What's on YOUR list??
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