Friday, January 29, 2010

A Phantom Review

Last night, Matt and I went to see Phantom of the Opera.
We were about 5 or 10 mins late because I was celebrating some awesomeness with Willie after work and then the waitress didn't cash us out fast enough and then I raced home with a full bladder but couldn't pee because we didn't have time, but Matt had time to pee even though he was supposed to run out to the car and hop in through the window after sliding across the hood and then we'd take off, but he didn't do that.
He peed and I waited with a full bladder and about 3.5 mins after I pulled up, we were able to go.
And then there was Magic traffic.
And then the tears started to well because my innards were about to explode.
Matt said that when we got close to valet parking, I could run out and find a bathroom in the hotel.
So we did that and I had to run all hunched over because if I stood up straight, something very wrong would happen to my guts.
Or I'd piss myself all over the valet line for the Marriott.
And then I'd have to sit with a soggy bottom (in jeans, no less. wet jeans are the WORST) during the whole show.
So when I was finally able to urinate, it was orgasmic.
2nd BEST Pee EVAR.
(1st BEST Pee EVAR - I'll tell you about another time, if we remind me.)

So after the 2nd BEST Pee EVAR, I went back through the hotel lobby and found Matt sitting in the car waiting for the valet fella.
Did the whole valet thing, chatted up the crossing-guard-cop, walked over to the Bob Carr, walked in, and found our seats.
And although they weren't front row as I'd originally thought (front row being triple letter rows, who knew?), they were very good seats.
We walked in while they were doing the cymbal monkey auction and getting into the Elephant rehearsal, etc.
It was beautiful.
The voices took some getting used to.
I'm so used to hearing either Sarah Brightman & Michael Crawford, or Emmy Rossum & Gerard Butler.
The first half was lacking feeling. They weren't really into it.
And then, like the magic that works during a football halftime, it felt as if they really brought out their shit during the last half after the interlude.
"Masquerade" was awesome, although I kept expecting some of the costumes to dance before realizing they were dressed up mannequins and not actually part of the choreography. They were scene fillers.
I didn't get choked up like I thought I might.
When I went to see Lion King a few years ago, it was all I could do to not just start was that moving.
Maybe the sound system was better then.

I did hum along to some of my favorite music.
Seeing this show, made me want to go see it in Vegas. Last I recall, it was playing at The Venetian.
This show made me want it to be BIGGER!! And where best to see BIG but in Vegas?

What was the last musical/play/show you saw out and what did you think??
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