Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

OK - like most years prior - a LOT of shit happened this year. Some of it heavy which took up most of my thoughts that I haven't shared much on this blog. I've been struggling with how much of myself I want to put out here on the interwebs.
I think 2010 is going to be the year where I throw that shit aside and just do it. Throw it all out there (well, maybe not ALL...but most) - who the fuck cares, right? I only have 5 subscribers anyway. And I dearly love all 5 of You.

So here we go. Starting it all off with 2009 in Review.

January - Kicked things off with another kick ass PJ party at the top of the Crowne Plaza over in tourist town. Then flew up to my favorite, NYC for a 4 day weekend of city stomping. That trip was so great - it snowed even. We got a new Prez. I completed 2 paintings and have one still in progress.

February - I went meatless for a month - just to see if I could do it. I noticed nothing different, but I have a healthy respect for veggies and love them now more than I ever have before. The boys cooked us girls a FAB V-Day dinner. That was super nice. Went to Universal with my aunt, uncle & cousins.

March - Watchmen came out and we got into a sneak preview. My father also came out and announced his gayness. Went to Universal again (rollercoasters always help when dealing with emotional rollercoasters). My grandmother had a stroke and went into the hospital. We had a big Baby shower for our 3 friends who were pregnant at the same time. The day of the shower, one of them went into labor. Painted one of the other preggers baby's room in a Batman/Gotham cityscape. Got a new badass camera.

April - My buddy, Jimmie, came for a visit from CO. I visited my Gram at her room at the assisted living place she was in at the time. She passed away a week later and a memorial service was held. Matt & I went to see Flight of the Conchords at the UCF Arena and Denis Leary at the Bob Carr. Both shows were awesome. Went to an art show at Uberbot before it closed to set up shop somewhere else but has yet to reopen. Also finished the Shat painting for another show that was supposed to be held there but didn't due to the closing. Matt and I also tried to grow tomatoes. They died a couple of months later after we had about 7 fruits that got bug eaten. Matt got to eat one of them - said he ate around the worms and it was good.

May - Got new tats behind my ears. Celebrated a birthday at Hardknocks (badass) and did a lot of swimming in our community pool after they finished resurfacing the deck. Had a tarot card reading party. Bought a new dress that made me look like Ursula the Seawitch. Cooked and ate a ton of seafood. Took my mom to see Star Trek. The two other preggers had their chillens.

June - Crab boil at Anna's - YUM!! Saw Terminator (sucked) and Drag Me to Hell (awesome). Saw Stomp at the Bob Carr - that was a really great show. My parents' divorce finalized. Went to a few BBQ's.

July - Mondo Annual 4th of July party on the lake. Went to Alaska!! That was an awesome 2 weeks. I've never felt so small being up in that big massive country. When we got back I made meatcakes for a friend's birthday (cupcakes made of meat). Also started with Brian, my trainer, to make me less fat.

August - Went to Willow Tree. Threw an engagement party. Threw the summer bomb - Redneck bomb this year. I don't think I've ever eaten so many ribs in my entire life. Went to a shrimp boil. (crab boils are better)

September - Went to a jazz night at a dive bar. We ate an awesome floppy grilled cheese. It was like $1.50 and they were out of everything else. Busted a coworker playing guitar there. Saw Thirst and It Might Get Loud at the Enzian - both of which were awesome.

October - Started off with a camping trip over to Tomoka State Park. Celebrated my mother's birthday by going out and taking her to see It Might Get Loud and Zombieland. Movie double-headers rule. Went to Halloween Horror Nights twice - super fun. Saw The Bravery at HOB. They kicked ass. While there, we also discovered how great the Crash Kings are. Saw The Exorcist and Night of the Living Dead at the Enzian. Went to a bachelorette party. Participated in a haunted house and then went to another. Matt & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary.

November - Went to see Dethklok at HardRock. Missed them because Mastadon opened for them and played for 2 hrs and I got bored (and superdrunk). Went to a wedding. Had an unintentional blowout of a party for Matt's birthday. Went to see New Moon. Headed out to Arizona for our annual Thanksgiving trip.

December - Watched the Gators lose to Alabama. Went to a Mighty Boosh party where I played with a rat and ate lots of pie. Picked up my Gram's dining room furniture from her house and set it up in ours. Its all growed up furniture and stuff. Proper like. Caught up with my old roomie, Jen and ate Vietnamese. Went to a Christmas dinner with my mom and her office folk. Tried to go see Avatar 3 times but it was sold out each time. Spent Xmas Eve with my mom and family. Spent Xmas day home with Matt playing video games and cooking stuff. Visited more friends and exchanged dumb presents (one of those regift the crap you don't want parties). Saw Sherlock Holmes last night....

GOODBYE 2009!!! I'm glad you were. You gave me interesting experiences - ups and downs - and I learned a lot this year. But I'm very glad to see you go.

BRING ON 2010!!
all 5 of you!! Cheers!
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