Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favorite Christmas Movies

Sitting here watching White Christmas and started thinking about my favorite Christmas movies and am in the mood to make another list, besides the one for Costco here on my desk.

(in no particular order)

White Christmas. duh. I'm watching it right now. Classic. and in VISTAVISION!! I want to give Vera-Ellen a sammich every time I see it.
Thinking that very thought very recently, my curiosity sparked, and I looked up her bio. She did battle with anorexia and had a pretty shitty time of things. So now I kinda feel bad for thinking
that. Hm....
No, I still want to give her a sammich. And maybe a cupcake or 6.

Nightmare Before Christmas
. Cuz nothin' says Christmas like kidnapping Santa, having your own twisted version of the tradition, fucking it up, and then saving the day.
When this movie came out, I was 15 and my parents took my brother and I to see it. I absolutely LOVED it. They didn't care for it so much because it had music in it and they didn't care for musicals.**
Then, when the movie came out on VHS, I watched it and had the surround sound turned up and sat close to the stereo system to hit the REC/PLAY buttons when they broke out in song. This was the soundtrack I'd play in in my walkman endlessly and then in my car a couple of years later.
Yes, I sing out loud when I watch it (although, I also sing out loud randomly not watching it). And the really cool thing is, you can watch it repeatedly for 3 months since it covers both Halloween and Christmas (no one cares about Thanksgiving***).

Love Actually. There are 6 or 8 story lines that sort of wrap around each other and are connected in various ways all leading up to Christmas. I love everyone in this movie. Mostly because they're British. Loads of warm fuzzies - one of my favorite scenes is when Hugh Grant is out looking for Natalie and knocks on one door and 3 or 4 little girls answer and get him to sing for them and Hugh's driver shows him up and the girls dance.
OH! and my other favorite is when Ginger Colin is off to a "wonderful land called Wisconsin" to score some hot American chicks for Christmas. His buddy drops him off at the airport and Colin says, "Look out Wisconsin. Here comes The Colin! And he's got a big knoooooooooob!!" The way he sing yells it cracks me up. I can't find any good clips for it, so just watch it.
OH! The other bonus - it's a Christmas movie that's rated R. They say "fuck" a couple of times and there's a BOOB!!

Those are the Big 3 that I watch over and over again.
There are a few other movies that make me happy around Christmas, too, like:
Elf has my favorite burp scene.
Scrooged always cracks me up and my husband quotes it all the time.
Jim Carrey's The Grinch is another good one - but the makeup is so distracting, I tend to not watch it as often as the others. The little nose pieces kinda weird me out a little bit. Just a little bit.
And Edward Scissorhands is sweet & Christmassy. Until those neighborhood bitches use him and the high school assholes chase him through the hood terrorizing him. That movie made me cry when I saw it in theaters. Shut up. I was 12.

Up there I had a ** and a ***.
Reckon I should explain them now.

**This is complete bullshit. Everyone says this but I guarantee you that they ALL know at least one song from 5 separate "Musicals" they don't care for because they're musicals. Especially when you stop and consider that pretty much all Disney movies are musicals. Why can't you all just admit it? You like music. You like movies. What the hell's wrong with having music submerged in a movie??

***Why isn't Thanksgiving marketed as much as Halloween and Christmas? How come there are no Thanksgiving songs to sing around the dinner table? That would go way better with family drinking than trying to carry on conversations. How come there are no Thanksgiving movies? There's one on my Netflix list that I found just before Thanksgiving but haven't watched yet. Its called Thankskilling. While you're on IMDB - go ahead and type "Thanksgiving" in the search.
I challenge you to either write a Thanksgiving song or a Thanksgiving inspired script/story or whatever. I DARE YOU!!
Maybe I'll put that on my list for 2010.
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