Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Resolutions Reviewed

Back in January, I posted this.
Here's what was accomplished from this list:

1. Create - I'm happy with this one. I've created at least 4 paintings, 2 of which are still in progress and probably will be for a while.
Did a kickass wall mural for a baby's room at my friends' house. (pictured below)
Sadly, the lovely new sewing machine was only used once to make a pillow that I didn't have enough pillow fill for (it's HUGE), that the cat has claimed as his sleeping place.
There are 7?, (I think) videos that I put together and threw out on YouTube.
I made a cool Zombie Head around Halloween.
And got organized on the Dollhouse of Horrors.
Plus, I've been blogging my ass off and taking/toying with photos. I'll count that stuff as well.

Status: Goal Attained. SUCCESS!!
To Be Continued in 2010.

2. Gym Trips - I'm ok with this one. Not overly happy with it, but it's a work in progress. Back in August, I bought a personal trainer. He's been kicking my ass for the past 5 months and I'm stronger - but not smaller. Which is ok - I'm glad to be able to do things like leg press 395lbs and do planks for 45 seconds/set and my guts feel good. This year I'll focus more on cardio (everyday) and diet (which is normally satisfactory until the holiday sugar comes to town) and making sure all the crap in my closet fits again. Also, I gave up caloriecount for is super nice but still work to keep up with. Gave that up too. Maybe I'll pick it back up - they have cool charts.

Status: Goal in progress.
To Be Continued in 2010.

3. Set Aside Money - I completely forgot about this one.

Status: Fail.
To Be Attempted again in 2010.

4. Travel More - we had a fabulous trip to NYC. We didn't go to Chicago in May. We did go to Alaska which kicked so much ass. And we went to Arizona for our annual Thanksgiving trip. That's about it, I think. Since I forgot about #3, we didn't get to too many other places.

Status: Fail.
To Be Attempted again in 2010.

5. Go To the Beach More Often - I don't even know why I put this one on here. My skin HATES the sun. It was nice to go last Xmas to Siesta Key - I must've still been on that high when I wrote out my resolutions. Went to the beach none times. Didn't even think about going to the beach. Oh wait, that's not true - Matt & I were trying to plan out a weekend trip but went camping instead.....About 3 miles away from the beach.

Status: Fail. But I don't care.
To Be Replaced for 2010.

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