Wednesday, December 2, 2009


You don't realize how much time you spend online until you're off it for an entire biz week.
Monday through Friday.
Try it sometime.

Last week was Thanksgiving - duh. Hope everyone out there had a lovely.
We spent that week out in Arizona with family. While out there, we don't have wireless because they're still on dial-up.
OK, not really, but pretty close.

5 whole days without facebook, youtube, or googlereader. Those three are my staples. They're included in my daily routine - and yes, I'll admit it - almost to the point of obsession.
Its not full blown obsession. I didn't have the shakes, an itchy neck, or spent time wondering, "I wonder what my friends who live in the interwebs are doing right now...."

The 5 day break was a nice one.
But shit! coming back home and having to catch up on all of it - took me like 3 days.

Here's what I didn't miss:

1. Adam Lambert's performance on the AMA's. Lame. As bad as nipple gate but less entertaining and more screaming and a weird tactical barrel roll. We were actually still in town that night and watched Dexter instead - before going to bed early to wake up at 4a.m. to get to the airport.
Even if we hadn't had a trip, I still wouldn't have watched the AMA's. Real Good Music is only barely showcased on such awards shows. Lady Gaga is pretty cool though (even if she is a man.) But I wouldn't exactly call "puh puh puh Pokerface" or "rah rah oh ma ma, ga ga blahblahblah" music. That shit is quite catchy and her outfits, videos, and performances are pretty rad.
2. Tiger Woods' drunken "accident". This was breaking news when we returned home. Who. The. Fuck. Cares. Did he or didn't he have an affair with some chick while being married to a supermodel who was chasing him with a golf club just before he hit a tree and a fire hydrant at 3 in the morning and and and....???
3. The White House dinner crashers. "Destroyed"? Seriously? Crazy blond chick's whole 44yrs of life is DESTROYED because she and her 'fits the profile' husband were able to make it through Orange Escalated Secret Service Security at the emmineffin White House?? Did she have to take her shoes off to get in? Cuz I did in order to make it in to my in-law's place to cook them Thxgvg dinner. My sweatshirt too. My mother got searched on the way back because of an empty nasal spray bottle and a thing of hair goop. The Crashers got tons of great pictures, ate some kick ass food, got tons of post party pub and her life is DESTROYED.
Personally, I think she keeps using "destroyed" in interviews because she's trying to clue us in on something they planted in a bathroom somewhere.
I'm just sayin'.

That's about it, I guess.

What I did miss: my sheets, my cats, my knives, and my water pressure.
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