Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TLA's are EVIL!!

TLA = Three Letter Acronyms.
Half the time, the actual word that means the same thing as the acronym is one syllable, making the acronym longer than the word. Sometimes there are even more than one of these.

BOM (Bill of Materials) = quote.
RFP (Request for Pricing) = quote.
So, just fucking say QUOTE!?!!

Here's another example (actual work email exchange).

From one SE (sales engineer) to another:
"Quick Question….If you are backing up to a DSU, is that part of the NBU Core or do you need to FDL? They are not using LCP."
SE's response:
"DSUs are currently core NBU and don’t require additional licensing. However I don’t believe you can SLP with basic DSU. You need one of the ADO to make SLF work."
My response to first SE:
"OMG WTF does that mean for the BOM for NBU that I need to do PDQ or we’ll be SOL?"
His response:
"Wow…too many acronyms….."

Palm to face, shake head. Repeat.
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