Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stealing Ideas

This is what a friend of mine did for an entire year....
Licia took a picture of herself everyday as an art project and a self-challenge.
I think she did an awesome job - some of them were even thought provoking. heh. :)

So, I figure - if I ever have a writer's block (as such recently), I'll just post a picture of myself or of something that catches my eye.

Then when my lazy brain gets motivated to write again, my page will be a nice balance of words and pictures.

How's that?...

Wait, who the fuck am I talking to?? This site is for me and I'll post whatever I want, whenever I want and be happy with it. You're not the boss of me!!

Holy crap - I can't wait until this weekend. 3 whole days.
Matt says we're going on lockdown. All the doors and windows- closed and locked, curtains pulled, phones on silent, and we're working on all of our pending art projects.
And maybe some pool time thrown in.

Labor Day weekend will be bliss.
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