Friday, September 25, 2009

MOVIE!!! - Thirst

LOVED this flick.

Cinematography was stunning - really pretty to look at and the colors used were amazing. I'd seen the director's Oldboy (also a GREAT movie) a while ago and I remember at the end I was like....."Wait....what?" because the ending was slightly disturbing. I was sort of expecting this one to be as disturbing. Especially after seeing a sign saying "refunds would not be given for content" stuck to the ticket booth window when we walked up to get tickets at Enzian. So I was all geared up, waiting for something really disgusting to happen. By the end of the film, it was only my head that went to disgusting places. Not the film. Stupid sign.
Definitely check out this movie - STRONGLY recommended if you're an award winning film-maker...*ahem, Willie.


So, if you don't see it - shame on you. Its very entertaining. But here's 233mins in a nutshell.

OK, so there's a Priest who volunteers himself to be injected with a virus in an effort to find a cure. Martyr. He gets turned into an vampire in the process. That outta learn him.
A lady comes screaming at him to come pray for her retarded sickly son who is in the hospital. We'll call him....Retard. He has snot running out of his nose the entire movie. So Priest and Retard reconnect after realizing they'd been childhood friends, so Priest goes over to the family house to play Mah-Jong. While playing, he falls in love with Retard's wife - also a childhood friend. We'll call her...Pooch. Pooch is treated horribly by Retard and his family so Priest has sympathy for her. Priest and Pooch end up getting it on (awkwardly, since its his first time) and later Priest tells Pooch that he's a vampire. But he doesn't kill anyone for blood - he only drinks that of his fat friend who's in the hospital and in a coma so he won't miss it anyway.
Pooch ends up fibbing about Retard hurting her so that Priest will hate Retard and wanna kill him. So they take Retard fishing one night and Priest kills him. Retard's Mom flips out about her son's death and stops speaking for the rest of the movie....except with her eyes and a fingernail. She doesn't move either - they pick her up (chair and all) and carry her from room to room.
Pooch fucks up and outs the lie she told Priest about Retard being domestically violent and Priest gets pissed off that she'd lie to him and chokes that bitch out. She dies. Retard's Mom sees the whole thing so Priest feels bad and feeds Pooch his blood to bring her back to "life".
Pooch becomes completely insatiable (as women tend to be) and takes over the house (as women tend to do) and makes Priest paint everything inside white. She ends up killing folks for blood and Priest gets mad so they get into fights and stuff.
Mah-Jong night with friends arrives so Retard's Mom cries for help to their guests, using her eyes and a fingernail. Pooch ends up killing the men that were playing and Priest pretends to kill the woman guest (cuz she's not fat nor in a coma).
He realizes he's made a Poochmonster and has no other way to fix what he's done - it hasn't turned out at all as he'd wanted. So he takes Pooch and Retard's Mom out to a coastal cliff in the middle of nowhere. Pooch realizes that he's brought her out there to kill them both with the sunrise and she tries everything she can to find cover. Priest takes away everything she's trying to use. Then they sit on the hood of the car and the sun comes up and then they die. And Retard's Mom is left sitting in the back seat of the car with a cell phone under her one moving finger.
The End.

Of course there's lots more to it, but if I explained the entire thing, that wouldn't exactly be a nutshell version, now would it? There are LOTS of funny parts and images (and gross sound effects) that I didn't include. So seriously, you should see it. And the other movies Chan wook-Park has done. He's got a great eye and is fabulous at story-telling. Even with subtitles.

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