Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marker Memories

You know how smelling a certain smell can bring back so many memories?

Yesterday, Willie had one of these in his office. It was black - not red. Apparently they aren't really made in mass distribution anymore - Sanford is moving everything towards the Sharpie line.

Anyway... I smelled it.
Its my favorite marker smell.

Makes me think of my grandmother and grandfather's (my mother's parents) music store in Merritt Island back in the day. Spending summers there, I'd help during the day and doodle during the rest of the day....and sometimes Grandma would send me over to the office supply store for white out and price tags and I'd always stop by the marker display and smell/sample the markers.
And drawing on a huge roll of newsprint over at my other set of grandparent's (my father's parents) house or coloring in Charlie Brown coloring books over at my Aunt's house. They were all hand me down markers, some were Crayola - old and dried out, some were Marks-A-Lot, but the one's that always worked and still smelled good and squeaked were the Sanford King Size Chisel Points.

A dying breed.
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