Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Anyone else

hate the new "SyFy" channel (aka SciFi)?

It looks stupid down there in the corner while I'm watching Ghost Hunters or some silly B Fangoria mentioned movie on a Saturday while I'm vacuuming.

I haven't done any research into it but I've heard that They did it in an attempt to move away from sci-fi nerds.
Like that whole "Trekkies" vs "Trekkers" bullshit nonsense crap.

What's wrong with being a nerd?
or being associated with nerds?
or dorks.
or freaks.
or weirdos.

Pretty much every label you can think of that might fall under those "types" that enjoy science fiction.
Except creeps. Creeps are never good. Ever.

Even their slogans/campaigns were cooler under the SciFi logo. They'd single out the "iF" in the middle and do a cool "boy playing soccer with the lockness monster or dragon type thing" or "man getting on crowded elevator blows on his thumb to inflate himself and push everyone on the elevator off the elevator". There were more but I can't recall them right now....
Even the word "if" is cool.....

"SyFy" is lame. The slogan is lame. "Imagine Greater."? Boring. They can't tell me what to do. They're not the boss of me. I'll imagine however I want to, about whatever I want to, whenever I want to.
They could've made it cool by using "Imagine More Greater" instead.
Although these are pretty cool. As is this.
But now they're just wowing us with production value and slightly less cleverness.

And they still appeal to nerds.
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