Saturday, July 30, 2011

Suckit Saturday - Parking Lot & other stuff

Today, I went to buy grout and some other crap to do some honey-do work around the house before the bomb next weekend and grabbed a couple flowers to fill some pots we have that currently sit infested with weeds or are just empty.
After checking out, I wheeled my happy ass back to the parking lot to load up my car.
As I was transferring my crap from the cart to my car, a dude pulled up and parked in the spot next to mine.
Once my cart was empty, I opted to wheel it over to a place convenient for the dude who just pulled up next to me, thinking he'd probably want to use it, instead of wheeling it over to the "Put Your Damn Carts Here" spot they have in the lot.
A couple in a SUV were parked in front of me and the lady was waiting for her fella to get back to the car from said "Put Your Damn Carts Here" spot. She was smiling and he was looking at me with that pursed lip, raised eyebrow, judgmental face. As if to say "shame on you, lazy good fer nuthin" and shit because I didn't put my cart in said "Put Your Damn Carts Here" spot.

So, you know what I've decided to do?

From now on, I'm gonna start confronting stupid faces like that with "You got somethin' to say??"
Just because I bet it'll feel good.
And, like Bova said, it'll make people think I'm from Boston (or that I'm ready to move there).

The things I do sometimes don't always make sense to people outside of my head, but dammit, don't give me a stupid face because I'm being courteous/thoughtful, y'asshole.

In other news, here are the flowers I bought - begonias and some other thing I thought looked badass.

Also, Matthew made me a kickass dinner. Cuban sammich roll. Pics are posted on his facebook.
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