Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WTF Day is it??

Oh yeah, Wednesday.

Sorry, I haven't been on much lately, turds.
A friend of ours recently passed and subsequently, I've been in a slight funk.
Death sucks.
Especially when it happens to good people.


Last week, Pannacakes messaged me and was like, "my niece put up a picture on facebook of her planking and I was like 'wtf?' and had to look up planking".
For those of you not familiar with're welcome.
I'd told her to not feel bad, that Matt didn't know what planking was either, but when asked, he totally proved me wrong and colored me impressed.
He DID know what planking was.
When had this happened and why had we not been sharing this mutual appreciation??
Ignoring an answer to this question.....we practiced in the living room:

Snoop failed, but gave it great effort.
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