Friday, July 1, 2011

Ida Maria - Fortress 'Round My Heart

I've been listening to her a lot over the past month.
This song/album was the first one, out in 2008.
There's a new one that just came out last month (internationally) - "Katla".
But my favorite song is from this album. So go look up the other one yourselves.....
You can wait for me to post about it on a future Friday Jams.
But I know you turds are impatient.

Ida is Norwegian.
She keeps up with her own facebook page.
And she kicks much ass.
OH!! AND...If you watch Louis C.K.'s show, she does the "Louie" song you hear on it's commercials and crap. Its been a while since I've seen an actual episode so I don't remember if its the intro theme, but it very well may be.

Hope you turds have a good 4th weekend.

ps. Florence +The Machine were amazing last night.
You know what WASN'T amazing???
The fuckin' feedback. Who ever the sound guy was needs to be kicked in the face and/or ear boxed.
-AND- the dumbass obnoxiously drunk chick that decided to sing WAY too loud (think fratboy* at a Dave Matthews Band show) during my favorite song. People were "shhhhh"ing her.
We were able to elbow her out of the way for a bit but that bitch was determined to stay close to us and continued to dance up on us even though we were obviously there to see Florence and not her toodrunkass.
Usually, I'm not one to be a wet blanket on someone's fun, but when it comes to ruining a show for people and just being an asshole....that's kinda where I draw the line.
She wasn't even funny.
Funny makes up for a lot.
And today, I bet she's waking up and not even remembering an awesome performance that she paid good money for.
Big dummy.
I don't even do that.
*Matt, if you're reading this, I know you hate that term. But I'm not apologizing for using that here.
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