Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Verdict Tuesday


Yes, I can.

I also think people are nutty for some of the crap they're posting on facebook about how there's no justice and the jurors are stupid or were on drugs and how great it is to live in a country where you can get away with murder.

All of this focused energy and attention for one little girl who had a pretty fucked up family and met an untimely death that may or may not have been an accident.

And no one will ever know what actually happened.

The jurors aren't stupid.
They made a decision.
A pretty sound one.

Have you ever been on a jury??
Have you ever decided some one's fate??

I find it amusing that people bitch and complain about getting called for jury duty (haha...doodie) & put forth effort to not get picked.....and then those folks have the balls to call the 12 random strangers that were picked for this case "stupid".

The state didn't have enough evidence to prove BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that Caylee's death was at the hand of Casey.
They just didn't.
Your speculation and opinions aren't evidence.
Your disbelief that a 20yr old mother could go out partyin' while she knew her daughter was gone is not evidence of murder.

People do some pretty crazy things while grieving, and if you've never experienced loss like that, you don't know how you'd deal with it either, and you probably wouldn't care if how you were dealing made sense to anyone else.

Now, I'm not saying she (and/or George) didn't have anything to do with it.
I'm not saying that she was justified in retail therapy or hot body contests.
And I'm not saying she's not a crazy liar with a monkey face who needs to get her hair cut and probably should've had the balls to take the stand in her own case.....

I'm saying, I agree with the jury.
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