Thursday, July 21, 2011

Themeless Thursday

The moviestorm thing is fun, right?? is.
The problem is, the macbook I'm running it on doesn't meet the recommended requirements & the more complicated (read: cool) I make the video, the more it starts to act up while I'm working on it.
So it gets frustrating.
That's why "Throwback Thursday"s have kind of taken a dump.
PLUS, the last time I went through some of my old writings, the more I wanted to yack all over it. There was lots of boy crazy stuff....which is fun, but it was making moviestorms more complicated in my head. I wanted school sets with lockers & additional crap that my laptop can't handle, blah blah blah.
So, there.

I've been doing chores around the house and starting to get things ready for this year's Summer Bomb. Its the 6th Annual. On Aug. 6th.

This weekend, we're headed over to this place.
Just to run away from some things.
Like regrouting the bathroom floor & painting walls.
I need to get some reading done. The summer reading list is suffering lately between the dayjob and the house chores.

But look at these little fuckers. The vodka skull is.

I made some guac the other day and kept the seeds to put in our kitchen window.
Since the neighbor's tree is gone, we get a ton more sun through the front windows and I figured we should take advantage of it.
Unfortunately, it takes a million years for avocado trees to produce any fruits, so this is more of an experiment than an endeavor to start growing our own foods.
Maybe someday.
If I don't kill these.
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