Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Confession

Sister Act II was on the tv today.
I watched the whole thing....again. For the 1st time in 17yrs, I'm sure.

It made me wonder the following things:
  1. Exactly when did Whoopi's eyebrows leave her face and/or did she ever have them?
  2. Why does Lauryn Hill have so much 'tude?
  3. What the hell is with these kinds of trophies? Where did they originate? They seem so lame. Molded shiny plastic on a small stone base with some weird figure at the top that inevitably always breaks off....made to look like some extraordinary accomplishment. I still don't get the deal behind those, but dammit kids (and league bowlers) sho'do get excited about them. Medals and ribbons, I can display them in cool ways. These damn things?? There's no way you could ever display them around the house and make them look cool. Impossible.
Also, in this movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt did not look like this:
She looked like this:
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