Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Confession - Mermaids

I love mermaids.
Shut up, I know.
I have that tattoo on my ankle proclaiming said love.
When I was little, during my birthday and the candle blowing out thing....I would always wish to either be a mermaid or be able to fly.
In the pool, me & April would play mermaids and fought over who got to be named "Bubbles"*....for whatever childish reason.

I've always wanted to be able to breathe underwater and last summer contemplated making one of these for myself. But who wants to see a fat mermaid? that I think about it....
I kinda do.
That shit would be funny.

For my birthday coming up, Pannacakes got me these fun mermaid paperdoll-like magnet things:

So you can imagine my excitement over seeing the latest mermaidy Pirates 4 trailer for the movie that came out this weekend.

And then you can also imagine what tomorrow's Movie Monday is gonna be about.
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