Thursday, May 12, 2011

Throwback Thursday 4

Catching up from last week when I failed to post anything due to having a shitty week & not feeling like putting forth any effort here.
Glad you noticed.

I present to you 2 entries from my old DOS WordPerfect journal.

December 7, 1992:

I was sick at home for most of the day, except for my last hour class: Science. I only went for that class to take a test because otherwise it would've been an essay test. Lord knows I ain't gonna do that.
While I was at home I watched the Joan Rivers show. Marky Mark was on. The whole thing was about sex and sex oriented. Not just a segment, but the whole show. Why are people so intrigued with sex? MaDonna would say, "Why is anyone? Why are you?" I think she has a very good point.
I talked to my dearest friend, Cortney, and we were talking about embarrassing moments. I haven't had any major humiliating episodes, but the people in some of my magazines have. Most of them, I think, just make up stuff and hope that their story gets in the mag. Stuff about farting at a boyfriend's house or getting their periods at a very crucial moment. Its kinda immature to send that sort of stuff in. I'm just glad they don't have the stupidity to send their names along with it and that the editors protect their identities. That's kind of them. Otherwise they would ruin these peoples' reps, such as I imagine they are.
I want to tell you that this is my first attempt to keep a real journal about me and the goings on of this day and age. I've tried to keep up with journals before but they kind of got boring after a while. Some didn't even make any sense. I want this one to be special. I want to have someone else read it in the next generation and the generation after that. I hope its that interesting.
Let me introduce you to my family by telling you a little bit about everyone.
My family is very close knit. We share a lot together. The close knit part of us all live here in FL. The farthest way to go to get to a family member's house is to Daytona.
OK, now here's my family [goes on to name names like a family tree].
There, that's my family. My friends...they're a different story. I can tell you about my closest ones. My first real bestest friend is April. She lives in Ocala now so we're not really that close anymore. I've known her since Kindergarten. Then there's Alicia. She moved to Winter Park and lives with her mom. I really ought to write to her. Thanks for reminding me. We try to keep in touch every now and then, if we're not too busy. Then I would hafta say that the most best friend that I feel really close to and have the most in common with is Cortney. We have the greatest times and the worst outcomes. We are trying to plan a bonfire/xmas party and we hope to have everyone there. I'll keep ya posted!
December 8, 1992
I cried watching the news tonight.
Those people in Somalia are really suffering. And for what? Starving people have done nothing to deserve what treatment they're getting. I don't understand.
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