Thursday, May 5, 2011

Throwback Thursday 3

Going back to typing.
That video from last week took a long time to do and time is what I don't have this week.
We're leaving for Toronto today. I'll be doing some writing during our trip and will return with some yummy wordy goodness for you to chew on.
Not like you turds care too much.....I showed you a damn picture of a box yesterday and got no complaints.

Here's today's throwback.
As written in that same 11th grade English class journal.
Apparently, the word of the day was "abominable" and we had to use it somewhere in the entry.

FEB. 2, '95
Well, yesterday was my first day of work.
A friend of mine told me yesterday that now I'll be workin'* for the rest of my life. I don't know how long this job is gonna* last cuz* the boss lady is very abominable.
I said that exact same thing to another friend of mind and he said that that's who I'm afraid of when I go walking in the snow. I told him not that kind of abominable.
Well, is that what that means - The Abominable Snowman - The Unpleasant Snowman?(1)
Anyway, I worked from 5:30pm - 8:00pm bussin'* tables, doing dishes, and cutting bread and lettuce. My hands still smell like food. Its really gross. But it pays good.
Friday I work from 4:00-? and this weekend's Art Festival will bring in loads of people so both Saturday & Sunday I gotta* work from 8am until closing!!
Boss lady (I don't know her name but she's Egyptian and her husband's name is Eddie - he's Egyptian, too - he's not abominable) says that if I do a good job this weekend she'll put me up to waitressing.
I think I want to go apply for Marco's in Tavares. I love Italian food & that's my favorite place to eat and they're hiring now.
Why is it that when I got my job everyone started hiring?
"Oh, Karen got a job. We're safe now. Let's start hiring."
Oh well.
I wish Egyptia wasn't so witchy, but I can't really gripe. I get 10% of tips plus how much I get paid an hour. I'm bringin'* in some crazy cash. Well, anything's crazy cash compared to none. Although sometimes, once in a while, I get paid to sit in rich people's house, eat their food, play their Sega, watch their TV, & be lazy - pretty much what I do at home, except I don't get paid $3.50/hr at home. It ain't* much but its a lot for doin'* nothin'*.
A friend of mine from MDHS works with me. (2)
He's in the back doin'* food stuff.
He thinks he broke 2 cases of eggs, but he probably just broke the bottom one.
We goof off in the back when I'm doin'* dishes, but only when Egyptia isn't back there. Eddie doesn't seem to mind.
Egyptia asked me if I was pregnant.
I said, "no."
She said, "Oh, you're just fat."
She really has no room to talk - she's not skinny.
I don't think I'm fat. I'm big, but I really don't have that much fat. Its all muscle cuz* I'm Ironwoman.
Karen is just my secret identity.

*No points off for using slang terms & dropping "g"s. Used 12 times. And all are still used to this day. Maybe he took no points off because I wasn't consistent with it? At the very beginning I used "workin'" but shortly after also used "walking". It probably had more to do with the fact that out of the whole class, I wrote more than 2 sentences.
(1) Margin note: I guess so. You (to the teacher) just answered it.
(2) Rick was the first boy to ever break my heart. We worked together after said heart breaking. He was dreamy. He turned into an uberchristian while we worked together and is probably fat now.
Teacher's note: "This gets the record for lengthiest journal entry - EVER! Does this come easy to you?" In the journal, it was 4 full pages.
In the future note: Both restaurants referred to in this entry are long since closed.

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