Monday, March 1, 2010

What did we do over the weekend?

I decided to take a break from the interwebs (as well as my laptop) this weekend.
By choice.
After a few weeks of being glued to my laptop - I needed to breathe, count to 10, and just step back from it.
Unplug myself, so to speak.

So, Friday night - we grabbed up my mom, and drove out to see Chad Pollpeter at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art.
His show was really well paired with another local artist, Marcos Cruz.
Marcos also had an unveiling of a new piece. His stuff is mostly about perception and perspective. Very interesting stuff and makes you think. He'll also be featured in the new Amway Arena once its opened with pieces located on each floor of the elevator lobby area of the parking garage.
Pretty fascinating guy - has big ideas about alternative fuels and such. Check him out.

Anna & Jeremy met up with us and after the show we headed over to Crazy Gator's for beer and food and some interesting/dumb/fun conversation.
I think we were too loud and rowdy because every once in a while the bartender would pump more money into the jukebox and turn up the volume.

Saturday morning, Matt and I hung out at Mom's and worked on uninstalling some crap she had on her computer that made it run slow and wouldn't let her change out the desktop wallpaper. She rewarded us by fixing us eggs & toast.
We also watched Ireland beat the hell out of England in RBS 6 Nations.
It was a damn good game and Mom's first to watch so was fun listening to Matt explain rules and crap and Mom talk about how cute some of the players are. Rugby players are the shit, fo'sho'.

After that we went to the gym and then to Jersey Mike's (YUM!) and then I read the 2nd book of this Zombie Trilogy I've been munchin' on and Matt threw on Boondock Saints 2.
I fell asleep on the couch, but he said it got really cool towards the end.

Sunday, we arose and headed straight to eat some damn good dim sum at Chan's (makes me laugh that there's a reviewer named 'Nomnomnom' on there) with Anna, Blue Maiya and her family, & then Jess came in later with Carter for a quick munch on some buns & dumplings before a trip to Lowe's.
After gorging ourselves with unidentifiable and delicious delights, Matt, Anna, & I headed over to this Russian deli/market that just opened up about a month ago. Sausages, pierogies, and beer, OH MY!! Anna was in heaven. We tried some marinated peppers and mushrooms - they were yummy. So we bought a little bit of everything and plan on going back for more.
Will let you know how it all turns out when we cook it up.
After that we went to this asian import store (mostly anime/manga, toys, cards, asian movies, & crap) that was closing their store front to sell exclusively online (but their website isn't up yet that I can tell). We looked around to see if anything jumped out at us so we could take advantage of the 50-70% off sale, but alas, we walked out with nothing.
Ran over to Best Buy for ipod dock/speakers. Ended up with some JBLs and used up a gift card I had burning a hole in my pocket. They didn't have any replacement RockBand drum petals. A couple weeks ago, Matt & I were rockin' out so hard, I broke the damn thing and keep forgetting to pick up a replacement. So of course, when I remember, the store is out of stock., here I come!!
The rest of Sunday afternoon was full of napping, reading, cooking (pork tenderloin and peppers over brown rice) and topped off with a viewing of The Bank Job. I wasn't paying too much attention since I was hell bent on finishing that 2nd Zombie book. Which I did, just before heading to bed....

So, now that I'm back on the interwebs this week, I figured I'd share everything with those of you who care.
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