Monday, March 1, 2010

March MADNESS!!!

Holy crap!, you guys - March is gonna be so exciting! I must share it now!!
The past two weeks were like the calm before the storm. Here's what's on tap:

3/2 - a Ben Templesmith signing at A Comic Shop here in town. Ben's one of my faves in the comic book world with Wormwood, 30 Days of Night, Fell, & has a new book out, Choker. He's an amazing artist who does shit like this:

Followed by a spoken word night with Henry Rollins on 3/4 over at the House of Blues. This is about the 3rd or 4th show Matt and I have been to together. He's a great writer/thinker/traveler...and Oh yeah, he was the front man for Black Flag.

The following Friday night, we head to the very first First Friday Ferox - facilitated by our friend Anna Kelland (aka Blue Maiya) - a great & inspiring local artist.

Then on Sunday, 3/7, we go see Dropkick Murphys also at the House of Blues (if you've seen The Departed or that New England Patriots VISA commercial, you've heard their music), but just before that show....

We go pick up these British knuckleheads who are in town for a 2 week visit. On Holiday!

This is Kim and Steve. We met them on the Alaska cruise we went on last summer. They were so much fun and are coming to check out Florida, under the guise of scouting out the area for their grand-daughter to come visit Disney when she's old enough to appreciate big headed mice and dogs.

While they're here, and aside from some of the touristy stuff & the Dropkick show, we'll be hosting a party in their honor, attending a few local events, and showing them around our town.
Stuff like, Parafanelia over at The Haven and again at the Peacock. We'll also be celebrating a friend's 30th over at The Willowtree Cafe (if there's room for us) and going to see The Creature from the Black Lagoon over at the Enzian. And I'm sure we'll be checking out some 6 Nations Rugby games at some local pubs and doing something up for St. Pat's as well.

After they head back across the pond, Matt & I have a dentist appointment set up.
WAIT!! That shit ain't so much fun.

But THEN after that, we celebrate yet another 30th birthday over in Daytona Beach.
That pretty much wraps things up on the event schedule so far.
You'll be hearing about all the dirty details as they unfold.
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