Monday, March 1, 2010


Janet Jackson 2004: "I'm sorry."

Mark Maguire 2010: "I'm sorry."

Tiger Woods 2009 & again in 2010: "I'm sorry."

Canada's Women's Hockey Team 2010: "________"

Following the Canadian Women's hockey team celebration last week, there was a lot of hub-bub about if they should apologize for crackin' open a couple of beers and puffin' on some cigars after the stadium was cleared out.
Why should they be sorry? They friggin' won!!

And while I understand that people were expectant of and have demanded apologies from celebrities like Tiger, Mark, & Janet.....(and countless politicians)...
Are the one's saying it really meaning it or are they saying it because someone (their PR person) is telling them to?
Does saying, "I'm sorry" even mean anything to anyone anymore if EVERY one is expected to say it after an epic (or not so epic) fuck up?

Apologies are slowly becoming worthless because of how often they're being thrown around.
And I'm sorry to hear that.
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