Friday, March 26, 2010


The past two nights I've had these weird dreams. Wanna hear about them?? GOOD!!

The night before:

Me & a bunch of people (I think Walton Goggins was with me) were hold up in this ritzy neighborhood - in a two story house. Zombie hordes were coming after us and we were on the 2nd story with Walton on the stairs inside, shooting as they came up, and another woman on the balcony, shooting as they were coming toward the house in the yard. I was running back and forth between these two areas with ammo and pickin' zombies off as needed. I kept telling people in the house to turn off the lights and shut the hell up when the hordes let up, but they wouldn't listen so we just kept getting hammered by attacks. When they finally did shut up, we realized we were out of food and supplies in the house we were stuck in so we decided to make a run for it to one of the houses next door that had a tall iron fence separating property lines. A few of us ran through the yard but the hordes kept coming and we ended up turning back, not able to get to the house next door.
I woke up about 3 times during this dream and every time I went back to sleep, I was back in the same house, with the same people, with the same zombies attacking.
Was friggin' tiring.

Last night:

Matthew and I had been arguing about money when suddenly he took out a gun and shot me in the chest. Then he told me he was aiming to kill and that I'd die a slow death so he could claim insurance money, but the bullet hit me more between my shoulder and chest, kinda up high on my right side, not even close to my heart. Since I don't do anything that people tell me to do, I was hell bent on NOT dying a slow death and became more of a pain in the ass for him - making fun of Matt for not knowing where the heart was in a person's body and telling everyone what he'd done and trying to get to the hospital to have the bullet removed. I'd even tried jumping in a go-cart to get myself some help - and the go-cart ran out of gas. Everyone laughed at me in my attempt, saying I was being over-dramatic.
I can remember what the bullet sounded like when it punctured, a wet thumping sound when it hit. Was like it happened in slow-motion.
Everyone I told about it, wouldn't believe that Matt had shot me, so I was alone in trying to get it removed and even towards the end of the dream, when I woke up - it was still lodged in my shoulder/chest. But dammit, I was still alive!! That'll show you, assholes!!

I remember a dream I had a while back where some random person shot me, and when I looked it up to see what it meant, the book said that it was that I was trying to get rid of a bad habit.
But my habits don't have anything to do with insurance money.
I just know these two dreams were pretty cool lookin' in my head (although tiring/draining) while I was dreaming them and I wanted to share wif the webbernetz.
So there.
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