Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Karen Goes To The Dentist

Most days, especially lately, I work from home. There's just something about rolling outta bed at 8a.m., throwin' on some stretchy pants and a tshirt, and shuffling into my home office to log-in to a P.O.S. laptop that really agrees with me. Being comfy helps to keep me (somewhat) sane.

Today, I had to actually get dressed and out of the house.
But not for work.
To go get my teef cleaned at the dentist.
Yesterday I received this call: "Karen, this is your reminder from Dr. Morgan's office that you have an appointment tomorrow morning, so we'll see you at 10 minutes to 9."
As in, 8:50 a.m.

So I showered, dressed, and did hair & make-up. Dr. Morgan has a shoe fetish, so I'd considered wearing some fun shoes for him, but ended up not wanting to put that much effort into it.
Shut up, it was early(ish).

At the office, they updated my x-rays and started pickin' through my teeth with metal hooks and the hygienist says, "Your gums are telling on you - you should floss more often to get them toned up." Great. Not only do I have to get my entire body toned back up, but my friggin' gums too. I'll be sure to add that to my list.
Usually, when they call me out for not flossing, I say something like, "That's why I'm in here - YOU can do it. You're way more efficient at it than I."

When she got done with the metal hooks and picks, she says, "Now we're going to polish them up real quick. You get a choice of flavors. Mint, cinnamon, or chocolate."
Why the hell would I go to the dentist to have my friggin' teeth polished with friggin' CHOCOLATE?!?!
That just doesn't seem right to me. At all. It would be like brushing your teeth with sand-grit chocolate pudding.
What the fuck?

After rinsing, she flossed me and it took like 2.3 seconds for her to get through all my teeth.
See? That's why I'm ok with having my insurance company pay her to do it for me.
Quickest flosser in the east.

Dr. Morgan came in and we joked about how Matt loves stirring up shit on facebook with political stuff and how fun it was to go through some of the WDW Lifeguard groups to find old lifeguarding buddies. I asked him when he was gonna scan in some pics and he asked, "How do you scan them in?" I said, "You give them to me and let me do it for you." with a sly smile. He laughed and said, "Oh'll photoshop them. I know better than that."
He poked around in my mouth a bit - we talked about summer trips coming up (or his lack of as it were) and then I was out!

Total of 30mins, my visit was.
(Why did Yoda just show up?)

And now my teeth feel funny, its uncomfortable chewing, and there's still grit in there.
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