Monday, March 8, 2010


You know those moments in your life when you wish you could hit a rewind button and do things again?
Where the hell is the damn remote so I can hit that button??

We got to House of Blues and were wanded in and Steve & Kim grabbed some beers while I ran down to where Brian & Erika were standing watching one of the opening bands. A minute after saying hi to them, I found my vodka and grabbed a menu.
Buffalo chicken fingers are messy to eat when you're at a sold out show, but I managed to shove some down my neck without getting any on my shirt.
We did some wandering during a band called Strung Out was up. We'd missed Larry and His Flask (? I think that was the band name). Then the lights went down and I grabbed another vodka and some classic celtic drum music came up and the "LET'S GO MURPHYS" cheer started. And shortly after, the band came out.

We initially did some pogo, stomping, clapping, & yelling on the sidelines for "Capt Kelly's" but it was when "Surrender" came on that Matt & I went down to the main floor where the mosh pit was. We shoved our way through the crowd to the pit and just started pushing and jumping and throwing ourselves around.

There was one kid who grabbed my wrists and we were swingin' each other around. He stopped for a second to ask if I was ok to which I replied, "hell yeah!!" and we started swingin' and throwing each other around again. I lost him to find Matt and after a bit on the outside of the circle, the same kid made his way to where I was and made the 'I'm done' gesture and folks kept shoving him back in but I made sure to grab him and pull him out - he wasn't looking too well. He got behind me and he gestured that he'd bit his tongue and it was bleeding which was making him nauseous and then he made a heart sign with his hands and mouthed, "Thank You" for helping to get him out of the pit.
There was also this tiny girl - like 5ft - out in the pit being a badass and holding her boobs so as not to have elbows nailing them. At one point she fell (drunkenly) and we thought she was done, but she bounced right back up and got back in the mix. At the end of the night we saw her stomping out of the venue looking pissed with her fella chasing after her yelling, "Lily!!"

People get really sweaty and really smelly out on the floor and I'm sure someone behind me got a face full of my sweat spray because my hair was drenched.
After a handful of songs, I was super thirsty and made my way back up to the bar to grab a water. I found where Steve, Kim, Anna, Jeremy, Brian, & Erika were standing and had a shot waiting for me and Anna & Jeremy were bitching about the tall guy in front of them wearing a fucking top hat (evidently he didn't feel he was quite tall enough to block every one's view) who they said was crop-dusting them. Although, I thought crop-dusting was usually done on the move. I went back to the bar to grab another water and heard someone say, "Dude, nice one..." and walked into someone else's assgas myself. I guess there's just something about Dropkick Murphys that brings on flatulence.
Or maybe it was those tall beers and buffalo chicken fingers.

Another kick ass song came on and I found my way back down to where Matt was and shortly after they started playing "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced".
If you watch that YouTube link, you'll understand that traditionally, for this song, all the females get up on the stage.
I pushed and shoved my way to the front and this dumbass guy kept shoving me right back, like, as hard as he fucking could. I held my own but he was pissing me the fuck off so I flipped him off and stuck it right in his fucking face to make sure he could see it. Like, to the point of actually pushing on his stupid dumb face with my flipped off finger. Asshole.
A girl standing next to him saw the whole thing and yelled to come around the other side of him to where she was. I did and then got a bouncer's attention to pull me over the wall. "Put your arms around my neck" and he pulled me up and over and then I hoisted myself up on the stage, not even stopping to look if there were steps up to the stage.
I bounced up there and found Matt in the crowd as he was looking for me. We made eye-contact and I started jumping and yelling and singing and it was heavenly.

Can you find me??

I thought it was funny that there was a stage hand behind all the girls protecting the amps and speakers.
After the song, they directed us off the stage and the band kept playing while I went to the bar and grabbed more water.
They played another 3 or 4 (including "Shipping Up To Boston") songs and ended with all the guys up on stage.

It was SO much fuckin' FUN!! I wanna go again!! and again!! and again!!

This morning, I woke up with finger tip bruises on my right arm, a tender spot on my sternum, a stiff spot on the left side of my back, and my shins feel only slightly barked.

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