Monday, March 29, 2010

Best Elevator Ride Ever

So Matt and I were in Daytona this weekend celebrating our friend, Martha's, 30th.
We were staying at the Hilton right there on what's left of the pier and had a lovely time. Saturday was full of sweet tea vodka, beer, cherry vodka, red meat & seafood, great friends, lots of laughter, and lots of wind.
Sunday, we woke up and had breakfast with those that stayed the night, then we all went our separate ways to check out, and a few of us stayed to hang out on the beach.
Matt & I took our sweet time packing up our crap and, from our room, could see some of our friends down on the beach picking their spot & setting up camp.
Since it was still windy, I really wanted to hit one of the beach shops close by to grab a kite & a sweatshirt (it was a bit chilly on my bare shoulders).
We left the room, walked down the hall, and hopped on the elevator down to the lobby.
We'd been on the 15th floor and the elevator stopped on the 9th to let some people on.
A family of 4 joined us and they were wearing shirts that had Martin Luther King, Jr's face with "I have a dream" and Obama's face printed on them.
This family also happened to be black, (what??) if their t-shirt choice wasn't a clue.
As soon as they boarded, my phone began to ring.
For those of you who don't know, this is my current ringtone (recorded while watching the movie CB4 on one of the movie channels a few months ago).
It slowly got louder as I reached for it in my pocket and then looked to see who was calling. A wave of awkwardness washed over the 4x6 space we were jammed in.
I smiled and answered the phone, while looking at the airbrushed faces of Martin Luther King Jr. & Barack Obama.

Matt & I laughed all the way to the store where I bought a kite & a purple sweatshirt that says, "Spring Break, Daytona Beach".
Sadly, the store didn't have any MLK/Obama shirts.
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