Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We watched a movie last night

Yeah, we've seen it before. The first time we watched it, we weren't blown away or terrified or anything. It was an OK movie. I watched it again recently, before last night, and pinpointed the part where the whole idea gets creepy (imho). So, when Matt and I were watching it again last night, I pointed it out to him.
Its the part where John Cusack tries to escape the room by checking out the emergency route map on the back of the hotel room door, then he counts how many feet the window is from the wall that's bleeding and being shared with the next room, then he goes out the window and onto the ledge and shimmies himself towards the next window. I reckon that would be the window for room 1406. He gets about 4 or 5 feet away from 1408's window and suddenly there are no other windows. On the entire building. At all.
(except the one for 1408, of course)
This opened up an interesting conversation.

Me: So, would you just keep going around the corners in hopes that there might be a window coming up? Or just keep on scooching yourself along the building to avoid going back to the room, or would you give up and eventually just throw yourself off the ledge? But then the room would win cuz it wants you to jump.

Matt: I would go back and yell at the escape route map on the door.

(at this time, during the movie, 1408 get super cold & frosty)

Matt: Man, that would be so awesome if you could crank down the a/c to 45 degrees.

(currently, in our house, our a/c is broken and not scheduled to be fixed until tomorrow)

So, this got me wondering....
What would YOUR version of hell be? Like, if you were stuck in one room with crazy shit going on, what's the worst thing that could happen to you that would totally freak you the fuck out?

Then I looked down and wondered why the hell my Hanes socks were getting so worn through so fast. damn. Rockin some hobo socks.

Then Matt changed the channel and Halloween II was on -

Matt: YEAH!! Time to move this party up to bed!!

So, tell me, What would YOUR version of hell be???

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FunkDocSpock said...

To be locked in a very large room, completely filled with books...but they were written in a language I don't understand, and no matter how hard I may try, I'll never understand it.

My verification word is "cylog". My definition? What a Cylon leaves in the toilet when it doesn't get enough fiber.