Sunday, October 11, 2009

Douchebag Tool

Per Willie's request: Name: Douchebag Tool
Mean Spirited, Dislikes Children, Hates Water (haha, threw that one in there), Flirty, and Great Kisser.
He's in a better mood if he has more enemies. His life-long dream is to be a Gold Digger, which will be accomplished when he sees the ghost of his dead (rich) spouse.
So he's been talkin' to the ladies to see who's rich and willing....

He's kindof a nerd and works at the science center and enjoys gardening. So he went to the library to learn more gardening tips and thought he'd hit on some of the older females (from the nicest house on his block). He chatted up this lady (her name escapes me at the moment, play on playah) and got all flirty and shit and then....

...She pissed herself and ran away. So after pointing and laughing, he chatted up her sister (next to the pee puddle).

Unfortunately, he hasn't met the right rich sugar mama to spit game to, but he's still working on it. Until he meets her, he's content to sit in his house and listen to his favorite classical music (?...forgot to change his faves so he got randoms. Likes- music: Classical, food: Stew, color: Red). And read books. And tend his garden. Maybe he'll take up fishing. If you grow enough veggies and catch a bunch of fish, you can sell it at the market.

Haha - you're a peeping tom now. Perv.
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