Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Week Evar

Monday: boring work stuff. concalls, spreadsheets, fire drills. yay. But the cool part (as it always happens) is after work when we take mom out to Houston's in Winter Park for dinner.

Tuesday: boring work stuff again. Nothing cool planned for after work. (although, there could quite possibly be a trip to the Halloween store.)

Wednesday: napping due to more boring work stuff. Nothing cool planned for after work.....yet.

Thursday: stabbing my eyeballs with my pen from boring work stuff. After dislodging, we'll be headed over to Halloween Horror Nights with some peoples. Hell. Yeah. I got us the frequent fear passes since we'll be going again next Thursday - and maybe a couple more times in addition to.

Friday: drumming fingers on desk, doodling, facebook/youtubing because work is so boring. And then going to this Art Stroll thing over at Baldwin Park (which is one of those creepy Truman show neighborhoods) in Orlando. My friend, Anna, is selling some of her works there (also found here).

Saturday: YAY NO BORING WORK STUFF!! Sleeping in, cleaning, general putzing and then going here for dinner for Jessica's 30th birthday. After gorging ourselves on all that meat on sticks, we're going here (because we live in Florida and have to pay to hang out in cold weather for 45 mins at a time). Sound silly? Yes, I agree. But, hey, it ain't my birthday. And, hey, I do like vodka. And what goes with vodka?!? PARKAS!!

Sunday: Repeat of Saturday morning. Later in the evening, we'll be going to H.O.B. to see The Bravery! YAY!!! Love them.

SO fuckin' excited about this week!!
And NEXT week will be a damn good one too. But its too soon to tell you about it. So there.
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