Thursday, October 1, 2009

Return of Random Shuffle!!

So all this week, I kept forgetting to bring my ipod in from the car (and I'm too lazy to actually go back down to grab it, once I'm in my comfy cubicle). So here's today's 5 and they are GREAT!

1. Wake Up Alone - Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
2. I Belong To You - Muse - The Resistance
3. Just Friends - Billie Holiday - The Ultimate Collection
4. Antichrist Television Blues - Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
5. I Can Learn - White Stripes - White Blood Cells

THAT was followed by Static X and now The Kills. Heavenly.
Apparently the break I gave poor iPod from last week did it some good. Its shuffling better today. Reckon its well rested and happy with me again.
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